Apr 7, 2015

MailChimp’s Getting Started With Email Marketing Skillshare Class

One of the best parts about my job is traveling to different events and helping MailChimp users understand how our features can support their projects and businesses. From A/B testing to segmentation to automation workflows, we’ve got a lot of great features for email marketers of every skill level.

But sometimes it can be tricky to make sense of all the options. I hear this a lot: “I know email is important, but I’m not sure how to get started or where to find the time.”

So when the team at Skillshare reached out to see if we’d be interested in doing a class about email marketing, I was psyched. I knew it would be just the right opportunity to help people work through those "getting started" blues. I really like Skillshare’s approach to teaching courses with small, bite-sized lessons and incorporating projects students can work on as they’re watching each lesson. (Plus, this way, I could help a bunch of people while staying right here and avoiding a bunch of airport security lines.)

Skillshare’s team did a fantastic job working with me on creating a course to help people and businesses that have never sent an email, or folks who are just getting started. The topics covered include figuring out what kinds of emails you should send, how to think about your sending frequency, tips on designing and writing your campaigns, what to look for in your reports, and more. And the best part? Each lesson is short and sweet—just 3-15 minutes a piece—making it easy to fit more learning into your day. Oh, and it’s all free.

Here’s a preview:

The main takeaway is that email marketing doesn’t have to be scary. You can effectively communicate with your fans and customers without taking huge chunks of time out of your busy schedule. So take a look—I hope you’ll learn something you can use in your own email marketing. This is the first in a series of courses, so let us know what you’d like covered next.

Here’s to sending better email!