Aug 27, 2007

MailChimp’s All Grown Up

Birthdaychimpthinkseedcom_1The system maintenance went well this past weekend (it took us only about 5 minutes).

We just realized MailChimp’s 6 years old now (August 21st was his birthday). We’ve been so busy we forgot to celebrate! Here’s what we’ve been working on the last couple weeks:

  • We hired a new kick ass programmer, and a new kick ass customer service person
  • We hired a new marketing person to help spread the monkey love
  • We moved into a new, larger office space
  • We launched a brand new website, with a totally new "grown up" look and feel.
  • We introduced new monthly price plans, for users who send frequent campaigns (we still offer pay-as-you-go plans)
  • Inbox Inspections are available "a la carte" now, so that anyone can use them (whether they’re a registered MailChimp customer or not).

Whew. Still working on even more enhancements to launch soon.

The New Website
The most common feedback we ever get from website visitors is something along the lines of, "Are you guys for real? I mean, you’re a real business, right? You can do the same stuff that offers, right?" Sigh. The old design was nice, but for some business owners it seemed a bit too happy and easy and "too good to be true."

And we had lots of web designers and creative agencies who use MailChimp, but told us they’re kind of afraid of telling their clients about us. Monkey business is scary to some people.

So we changed the design to make us look a little more serious (at least on the surface). For fans of the chimp (Frederick von Chimpenheimer is his name)  don’t worry. We’re still going to keep things fun.

This new website design is kind of like how when your boss walks by, and you put a really serious look on your face until he’s gone. You actually look like you’re getting business done, and not watching YouTube. Kinda like that.

New Monthly Plans
Since we launched in 2001, we’ve only offered pay-as-you-go plans. The pay-as-you-go model is perfect for new email marketers who aren’t quite ready to send campaigns every single month. But once their list grows to a certain size and they start sending campaigns more frequently, they always ask us for monthly plans. It’s probably the #1 complaint we’ve received since day one (from our larger clients).

Personally, we’ve never liked monthly plans, but we can see how they’re more affordable (and convenient) under certain circumstances. Of course, our pay-as-you-go plans are still there for people who like them.

Current MailChimp customers: If your list is large, and you send campaigns often, you might consider switching to a monthly plan (here’s a listing of the new plans so you can do the math). Or, you might be in one of those companies where it’s a royal pain in the butt to get the company credit card from your boss every single time you want to buy email credits. Monthly plans will make life much easier for you. Otherwise, if you signed up for MailChimp specifically for our pay-as-you-go plans, you have nothing to worry about. Nothing changes for you.