Aug 21, 2006

MailChimp’s 5 years old

We’ve had our heads buried in code for so long now, we just realized that yesterday was MailChimp’s birthday! Hooray, MailChimp’s five years old. If my math is correct, that’s 48 in ape years.

Funny thing is, yesterday we officially launched another product (PunchyTime – but more on that later), so now we’ve got 2 birthdays to celebrate on the same day. Weird kinda coincidence.

Just like last year, we’re doing a little birthday giveaway. The first MailChimp user to send us an HTML email birthday card will get a free monkey related gift of some sort. We haven’t decided what it’ll be yet, but it’ll be monkey related, and that’s always cool.

We’ll also send a monkey-related gift plus 2,000 email credits for the best designed HTML email card.  Best is subjective, but anything that makes our judges shoot coffee out their noses is up there.

But now that we’ve got two critter brands under our roof, this card must include the following to qualify: a monkey, a glass of beer, and an angry kangaroo.

10 extra points if the kangaroo (or the monkey—your choice) is wearing boxing gloves.
100 extra points if you can somehow work Mr.T into the picture.

We’ll post the results here on the blog, of course. C’mon you Photoshoppers. Take a break from work and start Googling "kangaroos and beer"! Judging ends September 8th.