Nov 9, 2011

MailChimp v6.5 – ZIP code geo data, Thanksgiving templates, other stuffs

MailChimp v6.5 was launched Monday and Tuesday. All new features should be live in your account now.

Here’s what’s new:

  • ZIP code data backfilled, so you can geo-target without asking for address info
  • New templates, including Thanksgiving
  • Unsub notifications can be turned off

Backfilled ZIP code data for geo-targeting

We’re using NetAcuity to backfill more accurate ZIP code and postal code data into your subscriber records. So now you can send a targeted campaign to subscribers within a postal code, even if you don’t ask for ZIP code data anywhere on your signup forms.
Here’s an example of what it looks like when you go build a segment of your list:
Note the three ZIP code options toward the bottom of the menu.


20(ish) new templates

Frankly, I’ve lost count of how many templates we’ve launched the last few releases. Last I heard, we’re over 300 now. I’m sure Fabio (our resident template scientist) will provide more details soon. Here’s a screenshot of one of the new Thanksgiving templates (contributed by the folks at Creative Media Farm):


Ability to turn unsubscribe notifications OFF

A looong time ago, it was kind of a good practice to send an unsubscribe confirmation email: "You’ve been removed from our mailing list. Sorry to see you go." Indeed, these final goodbye emails are a good opportunity to link to an "exit interview" asking people for feedback (though we’ve since created a built-in exit interview feature), or pointing them to other communication channels (RSS, twitter, facebook, etc), or at least to make one final, lasting impression. Alas, times are a changing, and these emails are just annoying to some people. So we’ve added the option to turn them off for each list:
If you’d like to turn off your list’s goodbye emails: Sign in -> Go to Lists -> Look under Settings -> List name & defaults.
I personally think that if your email list is pure double opt-in, your recipients will not mind goodbye emails. If your list is composed of "customers who’ve bought something from me, but might not have opted-in for marketing" you’re going to run into angry customers more often. Whatever the case, you now have the option to turn this off.