Sep 11, 2011

MailChimp v6.3 Launching: Custom Translations, Improved Beamer, Extra Security, And More

We’ll be launching v6.3 tomorrow morning (Monday, 9/12/11). The changes will propagate to all 900k+ user accounts by end of day Tuesday.

Some really cool updates to announce, plus one big policy change…

  • Custom language translations for the entire opt-in process: In 2009, we launched human translated versions of our sign-up process in a few dozen languages. Naturally, the translations weren’t perfect for everybody. So we’ve opened up the forms so that you can translate them manually. Every single step is now fully customizable so you can get things just the way you want.
  • Send campaigns from mobile devices (or from any email app) with Email Beamer, a private email address that we provide w/every MailChimp list. We just made it so that you don’t have to sign in to MailChimp to complete the delivery process (simply reply to a confirmation email we send you) and we made it easier to tweak your beamed campaign inside MailChimp. Yay! Build your emails in Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, or on your iPad, then beam them to your MailChimp list!
  • Verified Domains: In the past, you could send an email campaign and use any reply-to address you wanted. This was handy for agencies sending emails on behalf of multiple clients. Unfortunately, it’s also handy for spammers who want to send phishing scams. So if you try to send a campaign using a reply-to address that’s not your domain name, we’ll require that you verify access to that domain by sending you a confirmation email.
  • Slightly Less Automatic Mobile Formatting: Waaaaay back in 2008, we launched a pretty cool feature that detected when your readers were visiting your campaign archive from a mobile device, and we automatically re-formatted your email to be more mobile browser friendly. Over the past couple years though, more and more people have started using smart phones with big screens and proper web page rendering that don’t need any of this auto-formatting. So from now on, when a mobile user visits your campaign archive, we’ll provide a link that gives them the option to "view mobile version."
  • Reports enhancements: We’ve made a few enhancements to reports, such as the ability to drill down and see more detailed list growth stats, and making them more iPad friendly.
  • Maximum Send Limits for High Volume Senders: We’ve changed our maximum send limit for MailChimp lists that are greater than 50k members from 8 times per month to 6 times per month. Not a ton of people actually send this often, but among the ones who do, we’ve found too many users setting up lots and lots of accounts and abusing the process. We realize saving money is their goal, but making money is sort of our goal, so this is a way to meet in the middle. Current accounts (before 9/12/2011) will be "grandfathered" with the 8X limit, but the new 6X policy will be put into effect on all new accounts going forward.
More detailed blog posts about these changes will be published in the next few days.