May 20, 2008

MailChimp V3 Live

The new MailChimp is live. For the most part, the launch has been one of our largest— yet somehow smoothest—upgrades ever. Especially when you consider that every single line of code has been completely replaced, and we were dealing with about 7 years of legacy data.

So far we’re getting some great reviews for the new design and functionality. The Ajaxy interface is much easier and faster than the old MailChimp, the new HTML email designer is a huge improvement, and the video tutorials peppered throughout are a big hit.

The new architecture is infinitely more scalable than our old code—so much so, that we’re already adding new features (I’ll post about them shortly) and plugging in more servers.

The launch wasn’t completely perfect. Migration continues to be a challenge. Out of about 45,000 accounts, 1,700 haven’t finished migrating from v2 to v3 yet. They’re still migrating as we speak. We hope to have every account 100% migrated soon, and we’re formulating a plan for people with extremely urgent campaigns (customers, we’ll be sending you an email update shortly).

We’re posting detailed server & migration updates via Twitter.

Later in the week, we’ll be posting screenshots and details about new features in v3. But for now, we’re all too busy getting accounts migrated over. Stay tuned!