Aug 18, 2006

MailChimp v2.4.2 Enhancements

We made some quick updates to MailChimp last weekend, moving us to Version 2.4.2. The changes are minor tweaks, but they make things more convenient in a major way…   

Search Your Member List
Before, if you had a very large list, finding one member was like finding a needle in a haystack (you pretty much had to download the Excel file and search there). Now, you can type a member’s email address in, and bam—we’ll take you to their profile:

Just look for the new search box at the top of the Members page, under the "Lists" tab. Yep, we’ll be providing more search options soon (like search by name, or any other field in your database).

Edit Member Profile
Ever had a member call you up and ask you to change their email address? Now you can search for their "member profile" in your list, and then make edits to their information:

List Upload: Better Errors and Reports
When you import your list, MailChimp automatically cleans any dupes, syntax errors, or previously unsubscribed recipients. Problem was, he didn’t tell you who got cleaned from your list. Well, we fixed that. Now, whenever MailChimp cleans members during the import process, he’ll provide a link to a popup window, with a full list of every recipient that couldn’t be imported (and why). This way, you can maybe fix any obvious syntax errors, like john.doe@aol.cmo.

Behind the scenes tweak: Better Deliverability
A few concerned users wrote in to tell us that Spam Assassin was flagging their MailChimp campaigns, because the "Message ID" assigned by our email delivery engine wasn’t properly formatted (or completely missing). We never had any issues with that before. Hmm. Anyways, we’ve fixed that problem, so your deliverability should be slightly improved now. Thanks so much to the people who took the time to send us their email headers and Spam Assassin scores.

Behind the scenes tweak: Weird Bouncebacks
Some email servers out there are setup really weird. You send them an email, and they bounce it back to you 50 times in a row. Used to be, all those bounces would show up in your MailChimp stats (this was very rare, but it resulted in some really weird campaign reports, where total bounces would be larger than some lists). Well, there’s nothing we can do about those shoddy email servers, but now we no longer actually save their multiple bounces in your account.

Hope you find these enhancements useful. We’re already hard at work on the next round of improvements.