Nov 15, 2005

MailChimp v2.3 Coming Soon

RoundhousekicktomyfaceWe’ve been working on MailChimp v2.3 for about a month now, and we’re almost ready to open it up to Beta testers. Strict orders from Mark and Dan (the chief nerds here) not to hint at any release dates this time. Something about "roundhouse kicking me in the face" if I ever do that again.

Anyways, v2.3 is in the works, and it’s coming soon. It’s not the "flashiest" upgrade we’ve made, but it’s definitely one of the biggest, and it lays the foundation for the really kick-ass stuff in v2.4…

Basically, MailChimp v2.3 will be a complete email server overhaul. We’re replacing our current email delivery engine with the same heavy-duty MTA used by AOL Advertising, Bank of America, Sony, Thomson Financial, Travelocity, and some other big names. We’re also getting some powerful new hardware, in order to handle the recent growth spurt we’ve experienced this year.

Speed and Authentication

The result is that things should run a whooole lot faster than they do now. Nobody complained about slowness before, but trust us—you’re gonna like how fast things get after v2.3.

Also, this change will allow us to get Email Authentication in place, to help prevent anyone’s emails from erroneously being tagged as "suspicious."

Email Authentication is a technology that verifies that an email claiming to be from a server is indeed coming from that server. There are two major players in the authentication field (Read about Yahoo’s DomainKeys and Microsoft’s SenderID), and they’re duking it out right now. It doesn’t look like there will be a clear winner (let alone clear standards) anytime soon, so we’ll be implementing both. It requires some pretty server-intensive stuff, which is part of the reason for our upgrade.

We haven’t had any deliverability issues linked to authentication either, but some major ISPs have talked about implementing authentication sometime late this year, and we want to be ready for it. Thank the nerds for being a little proactive over here.

Beta Testers Needed

Would you like to get a sneak-peek at the new version, and take the powerful new delivery engine (and authentication features) for a spin? Help us beta test v2.3! Just send us an email from our contact page, and we’ll put you on the invite-list. As always, beta testers will get cool prizes in exchange for their help.

The Really, Really Cool Stuff: v2.4

What’s really cool is that once we get the new email delivery engine in place, we’ll have the server resources to finally launch some super-duper email campaign reports, that’ll allow you to track—hey, why are the programmers circling around me with the numchuks?