Sep 19, 2005

MailChimp v2.2 Update

So a couple users have called us out on the fact that we’re a little behind on launching v2.2. Guess it’s time for an update…

We finished programming on August 1, and have been conducting user testing (video cameras, one-way mirrors, brain-scanners, those suction-cup heart monitor thingies, the works).

We uncovered most of the inevitable interface issues and are working on miscellaneous refinements (font tags and hyperlinks), plus the obligatory help docs.

Any brave souls that want to help us beta test can contact us here. We’ll give you plenty of email credits (plus the most awesomely cool MailChimp coffee mug). But we’d need someone with the time to really evaluate things and send us lots of feedback.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s going to be different in v2.2:

  • List Management: Users who don’t already have their own list management system will finally be able to upload their customer list into MailChimp, and we’ll manage unsubscribes, bounce cleaning, etc. for that list. We unsubscribe hard bounces automatically, and allow 3 soft bounces (such as out-of-office autoreplies) before we unsubscribe those members.
  • List Setup Wizard & Control Panel: We created a super quick, 5 minute wizard for getting your database setup. Once you finish the wizard, you can go to the "List Control Panel" to tweak your settings.
  • Customizable Templates: You’ll be able to customize all the code and emails exactly how you want (our users are control freaks, and we’re proud of that!). You can also code subscribe forms on your own website, and just link to our system.
  • Export Lists: Export your member list from MailChimp as an Excel file. We also store unsubscribed members as a seperate list for download (in case your or your client’s company stores a global do-not-contact list somewhere).
  • Double Opt-in: If you manage a list on our system, we use the double opt-in process. It’s quickly becoming the best practice for managing lists, and helps ensure CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • Quick Stats Calculations: Some users have pointed out that we should count unique opens "among only those users that actually received the email." Basically, we’re going to subtract "bounced addresses" from "total sent" before calculating uniques.

There are a bunch of other minor changes, but we’ll send full details in an email to all members when we launch. Which reminds me, if you haven’t already opted-in to receive MailChimp updates, sign in to MailChimp and check the little box under "Account/Contact Information"