Aug 15, 2011

MailChimp Turns 10, Wants to Treat You to Some Coffee

There’s this local coffee shop that’s on my way in to work. Sometimes, if I see a customer in there wearing a MailChimp t-shirt, I buy them a drink. One day, I just asked the owner if i could start a tab, so that whenever his staff sees a MailChimp t-shirt, they automatically give that customer a free French press coffee. It’s just a fun way to delightfully surprise our customers. People seem to dig it.

Anyway, MailChimp turns 10 years old this Saturday (yay) and we thought we’d try this on a national level. It was really, really hard cold-calling coffee store owners around the country and explaining 1) what the heck MailChimp is, 2) how we have these awesome t-shirts, and 3) how we want to give them money. But we did it.

If you’ve got a MailChimp t-shirt, just wear it into one of these awesome coffee shops this Saturday to get a free coffee — on us. And if you’re not in one of those cities, no worries. Check out that nice online discount from Intelligentsia coffee. Oh, and we’ll be celebrating our upcoming birthday by giving out tons of swag. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog and follow us on twitter if you’re interested. Thanks for all your support over the years! Eep eep!