Aug 8, 2008

MailChimp translated to 16.5 languages

We’ve been adding a lot of international support to MailChimp recently, so that our customers all over the globe can send campaigns in whatever language they choose.

In MailChimp v3.2, which is going live on August 11th, the entire opt-in process built into MailChimp will be available in 16.5 different languages:

By the way, that "16.5" is not a typo. See, one of the "pseudo" languages we’ve added is Chimplish...chad-learning-chimplish1.jpgAnd unfortunately, Chimplish is not (yet) available in Google Translate. So in order to add Chimplish to our supported languages, our lead engineer Chad spent countless hours listening to archived chimpanzee recordings, re-runs of Wild Kingdom, and an old VHS tape of Every Which Way But Loose, set on infinite repeat.He ate nothing but bananas, nuts, and ants for weeks, and he slowly began to decode the simple yet elegantly sophisticated language of chimpanzees. It wasn’t easy, considering there are apparently at least 32 different dialects of Chimplish, each with their own type of slang (we went with East Coast Chimplish, because we felt West Coast Chimplish was too "stuck up"). There’s a picture of Chad above, just before he went insane. We last saw him scurrying out the door on all fours, and we haven’t seen him since.By the way, you don’t wanna know what Jesse, our API Engineer, did to learn LOLCODE.

Don’t see your language on the list? Post a comment below, and we’ll get it added.