Jan 30, 2009

MailChimp T-Shirts Are In

In case you missed the news on Twitter and The Jungle, the new MailChimp T-Shirts are in, and we’re having lots of fun with them. Here they are, modeled by our own Aarron Walter:

A big thank-you goes out to the folks at Satisfactory Printing in Athens, GA for these stylish shirts. The gray shirt is super cool. It’s using the pencil sketches from Jon Hicks’ logo design work he did for us a while back:

(Mr. Hicks, yours are of course in the mail).

The shirts are printed on American Apparel, and oh-so-soft.

There’s even a little chimp hiding inside the shirt, so you can go tagless:

Yesterday, Amanda announced on Twitter that she’d send t-shirts to the first 15 people who asked, and within 10 minutes, got over 70 requests. Ouch.

Also, a little while back, we did a contest, where the prize was a MailChimp t-shirt. Finally, we can start awarding people who contributed funny MailChimp quotes (thanks for your patience!).

The first batch of shirts is already going out in the mail today:

MailChimp @ SXSW

BTW, two MailChimpsters are going to be at SXSW in March, and they’ll have some of these shirts to hand out. If you’re a MailChimp user, and you run into Aarron or Amanda at the event, make sure you ask for one. Aarron will be speaking on the interactive panel, "No Web Professional Left Behind" on March 16th, and they’ll both be at the Geeks Love Bowling Extravaganza as well. They’re also going to have some other cool stuff to hand out, created by our friend SeriousRonTM Top secret. So more on that later.

Anyway, all the various departments at MailChimp are going to be mailing a BUNCH of shirts out to customers soon.

Our customer service team (Jen, Juliana, & Raul):

will be sending shirts out as they see fit. Cool customers, friendly customers, helpful customers. You might just get a t-shirt in the mail.

Our dev team will occasionally mail a shirt to people who send in helpful bug reports or fixes, or cool implementations of the API. Amanda will be sending shirts to our "gorilla marketing" friends. Dan and I will also be sending shirts out to our customers who’ve stuck with the ‘chimp over the years.

So be on the lookout! You might be getting a nifty little shirt soon.