Oct 13, 2008

MailChimp Subscriber Chiclet

Update (11/21/14): This feature was discontinued as of June 2013. While we’re considering bringing it back at some point, there are no plans to do so in the immediate future.

We’ve created a little "chiclet" that you can add to your website that shows off how many subscribers you have on your list (actually, there are 4 different chiclet designs to choose from).

Just add a little snippet of JavaScript code to your web page, and we’ll display an automatically updating count of your subscribers.

You’ll find the code snippets under your /lists/ tab ==> design signup forms and response emails ==> "integration code" area.  While we were at it, we created a special merge tag that you can insert into your email campaigns that shows how many subscribers you have.  So you can say stuff like, "Wow, this newsletter has *|LIST:SUBSCRIBERS|* members!" We’ll insert that merge tag with your current list count. There’s actually a PLEH-thora of new merge tags we just launched, which you can find in the new "advanced merge tag reference" described here.
Update: Several more different styles of chiclets have been added: