Jan 17, 2011

MailChimp Redesign Coming

Just wanted to give our users a heads-up that we’ll be launching a fresh new MailChimp.com website in a couple weeks. It’s been a few years since we launched the one you’re looking at now, and our user base has changed quite a bit since then (we’re getting tons more high volume senders), and we’ve noticed more and more people using MailChimp as a "platform" (not just a newsletter tool). So it’s time for an update.

Also, we wanted to screw around with the "resume monkey" guys.

I asked our team to consider all the above, and gave them a one-word theme: "Pro."

Then, as I fully expect of my employees, they totally ignored me and came up with more useful criteria.

The new look better represents the powerful, innovative features we’ve become known for, but in that creative way people have come to expect from us.

Here are some snippets from our home page:

and from one of the inside features pages (this one’s for Pyow!):

The MailChimp app is changing too

A few months ago, we started optimizing the app’s design, so that it could be easily co-branded or customized to match your company’s brand. We won’t be launching any of that functionality just yet, but thanks to the work we did there, we’ll be able to make the app reflect our new website look when it launches. And later, you’ll be able to totally change it to look like whatever you want. We’ll also be launching a few new features soon, but more on that later.