Apr 11, 2006

MailChimp Nominated for a Webby Award (seriously)!

So I almost spit coffee all over my monitor this morning when I opened up my email and learned that MailChimp was nominated for a Webby Award. Cool! We’re up for an award in the "IT/Hardware/Software Website" category.

Then I almost spit out more coffee, when I saw who the other nominees were:


There are basically 2 ways we can win. First, we could win the "official" award from the Webby judges. Looking at who we’re up against, I don’t think those guys have a chance against MailChimp. I mean, who ever heard of "IBM"? So we’re pretty much a shoo-in for that.

It’s The People’s Voice Award that we’re concerned about. That’s where the general public can voice their opinions about who should win. We need as many people as humanly possible to vote for MailChimp. Yeah, I’m shameless. But MailChimp had his first taste of victory back when we got the WebAward, and now he’s got an insatiable blood-thirst for more trophies and certificates. He will not stop until he’s won every single web award, cooking contest, and spelling bee in the country. Besides, how funny would it be for a chimp to beat out those fat-cats?

If you’d like to help spread some "Monkey Love," vote for the ‘chimp here:


And if you’re so inclined, here’s a badge you can stick on your website. We’ll probably build a landing page one day soon, but until then, you can point to our permalink here:


Our first sighting for the "Vote M" badge: Bucket Republic. Thanks, Matt!