Jan 9, 2008

MailChimp is Hiring: Programmer & Customer Service

We’re experiencing some rapid growth, and we’re looking to hire:

  • Software App/Developer – A self-motivated programmer who cares about performance and creating powerful tools that are fun and easy to use. We’re a PHP/MySQL shop, but what’s more important to us is that you have experience working in multiple languages on large code bases and are adept at managing interdependencies in code. You should have a very strong OOP background and have experience with meta-programming and dynamic method execution. If you know what Selenium is, that’s a big plus. Of course, you must also love monkeys.
  • Customer Service – Full time or part time. Must have good communication and typing skills, and some "lite" knowledge of HTML coding is preferred. Infinite patience helps too. You’ll basically help train and support customers on how to use MailChimp, over Live Chat and telephone. Must like monkeys.

About Our Company:
We have a fast-paced, startup environment here, but we’re stable and have been profitable from day one. Think dot-com, but with real customers and real money. Working on MailChimp is like changing tires on a moving car, but then again, we’re not pulling many all-nighters either. You’ll have a challenging job, but be able to have a personal life, too.

Fit the bill? Contact us.