Jul 20, 2011

MailChimp Integrates with SurveyMonkey

We’re very happy to announce that MailChimp now integrates with SurveyMonkey (and when we get happy, we start giving away cool t-shirts, so keep reading).

With this integration, you can send a survey link to your list from MailChimp, and then do some really cool tracking and targeting. Here’s how it all works…

First, you need to activate the SurveyMonkey integration inside your MailChimp Account Settings:


Then you’d build a survey like you always do in SurveyMonkey. In my example, I’m sending an internal survey to staff about a grilled cheese party that we won from sponsoring a crazy kickstarter project. The survey looks something like:


When you’re finished building your survey, click the little "Send survey" button:

then choose the "Distribute with MailChimp" option:




You’ll be prompted to sign in to MailChimp:



After you do, SurveyMonkey will "hand off" the survey to MailChimp for delivery.

If one were to construct a technical diagram or flowchart, this "data transfer process" would look something like:

technically speaking, of course.

Anyway, after the survey is passed to MailChimp, you’ll choose your list and then specify a subject line.

By the way, for my particular survey, I decided to use our Subject Line Suggester to see how other campaigns have performed with "survey" in the subject:

My takeaway was that informal and casual subject lines, like "quick survey" did better than very formal "Annual Survey From ___. "

So I went with, "quick grilled cheese survey."

When it’s time to choose your template, you’ll be provided with a default SurveyMonkey template that you can customize to match your brand. There are actually three SurveyMonkey email templates you can switch around and choose from:

(these are part of the 33 new templates our UX team just released)

Here’s what the basic one looks like:


Then, just send the email to your list.

When you open your campaign stats, go to the "Advanced Reports" section:


And you get the following stats from SurveyMonkey:


As you can see, we’ll show you how many people have completed the survey so far, how many have started, and how many people haven’t started at all. You can even send a followup to those who have not started:

or send a gentle reminder of deadlines to those who started but did not finish;


or send a thank you note to those who completed.


Starting from MailChimp?

I should note that you can do all this in reverse. You’d start within MailChimp, create a new campaign (it can even be an A/B test campaign), pick a SurveyMonkey template, and then specify which SurveyMonkey survey to link to:



You’re  probably thinking "this is BANANAS!" and we couldn’t agree more. In fact, we have 500 commemorative "This is Bananas" t-shirts to give away:

Just follow @mailchimp on twitter and keep your eyes peeled (pun intended) for an announcement in the next couple days. If you’re not the following type, no worries.

The first 1,000 users who send a SurveyMonkey survey through MailChimp with this integration will get a free MailChimp t-shirt. You’ll know you won when you see this screen inside MailChimp:


Simian powers, unite!