Feb 28, 2012

MailChimp Integrates with LaunchBit, An Ad Network for Email

We get lots of questions from MailChimp customers who want to monetize their email marketing. Thing is, while we love delivering your emails, we’re not an ad network. Selling advertising space in your email campaign can be a disaster if it’s not done right. Is the ad relevant to your readers? Are you formatting the ads yourself for each issue? What does the ad look like in Gmail vs Outlook vs Yahoo? When readers invite content from you into their email inbox, they’re trusting you in a way that is different than when they visit your website or blog. Irrelevant ads, poor formatting or broken images reflect negatively on you and your brand.

Luckily there are networks like LaunchBit to help you manage and automate this tricky advertising process. And, with LaunchBit’s new MailChimp integration, monetizing your email newsletters (or swapping ads with a complementary newsletter) is even easier.

So, what is LaunchBit? LaunchBit is an advertising network that cares about content. Through their network of email newsletters they can help you monetize your own campaigns with quality advertisements.  LaunchBit managed ads are text-based with a small image, rather than a full-scale banner ad. They screen both the publishers and advertisers to guarantee the quality of both pieces. Plus, as a publisher, you have full control over which ads are placed in your newsletters, and which advertisers you partner with. You might even want to use Wavelength to find some like-minded publishers and sign up with LaunchBit together.

Now, with LaunchBit’s new MailChimp integration, MailChimp publishers can go one step further to automate the ad placement process. A publisher just has to sync their MailChimp account with LaunchBit and insert a short line of HTML code and merge tags into their newsletter template wherever they want their ad to display. Then the publisher selects their advertising partners from inside LaunchBit and the chosen ad content will automatically display in the publishers’ newsletter campaign.

Interested in what this looks like? One publisher using LaunchBit since their launch is Hacker Newsletter, started by Kale Davis. “LaunchBit has been a great partner to work with and has allowed me to focus on creating great issues instead of finding advertisers.” says Kale. “Their new integration with MailChimp makes it even easier and the relevant advertisers add more value for the subscribers of my newsletter.”

If you’re already a MailChimp user, click here for more information. Advertisers and publishers can apply to join LaunchBit here. Get even more information on this and other MailChimp integrations in our Integrations Directory.