Mar 10, 2010

MailChimp in the Google Apps Marketplace

google-apps-marketplace-iconWow. This is pretty exciting news: as previously speculated by the WSJ, Google just launched their own Apps Marketplace, and MailChimp was invited to be a part of the launch! Here’s our little listing.

There’s a video over at the Official Google Apps Blog that explains how the Apps Marketplace works, and how to install new apps. Hmm, looks like a few of our friends from the Small Business Web are listed there too. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it pays to invest in your API, fellow app developers.

We’re so excited about this because 9 years ago, we built MailChimp for our clients who were paying bloated, enterprise-sized fees for bloated, enterprise email marketing solutions. Our goal for MailChimp was to make powerful email marketing available to any business, whether big or small. And Google has that same goal with Apps. Now, to see that MailChimp is freely available with just a few clicks to roughly 2 million businesses, and 25 million users of Google Apps? Wow.