Dec 18, 2007

MailChimp Features You May Have Missed

Whew, 2007 was a busy year for MailChimp. Just in case you missed any of our updates, here’s a roundup of the most recent new features we’ve launched…

API Totally Redone
If you ever thought to yourself, "Man, it would be really cool if MailChimp could somehow sync up with my in-house database" you should check out our totally revamped API. It lets you connect to MailChimp and sync customer data, campaign stats, and more with your own customer database. Perfect if you run your own CRM, CMS, or e-commerce cart.

A/B Split Testing
Ever wondered what kind of subject line works best? What’s the best day or time to send? We made it super easy to run quick little tests on random samples of your list (and it’s all automatic). Just run a quick A/B test with our patent-pending email optimizer.

List Segmentation & Interest Groups
This is probably our most powerful MailChimp upgrade ever. Allows you to keep one huge "master list" but send targeted campaigns to sub-groups within the list. Like "women." Or "women in a specific ZIP code." Or, if you have our AIM Reports add-on: "Women who live in this ZIP code, and who clicked on a link inside this previous campaign." Powerful stuff.

Update Your Own Profile
You can let your subscribers update their email addresses, interest groups, etc., in your MailChimp list with our new update profile link.

Spell Checker Button Added

Who HASN’T sent an email campaign, then had a bunch of your subscribers reply back, laughing at some embarrassing little typo you made?

Leave Alerts
Have you ever been working for hours on a MailChimp campaign, then forgot to hit "Save" before logging out? Makes you want to scream, doesn’t it? Fixed.

Easy List Customization
In the past, if you wanted to customize your signup forms, thank you screens, and welcome emails, you had to know how to code HTML. We changed all that by creating a visual editor for the entire list opt-in process (and we even threw in a few free pre-designed themes). Demo video here.

Accidental Unsubscribe Fix
A while ago we pointed out how some spam filters were automatically clicking our one-click unsubscribe links in emails. Instead of forcing subscribers into a 2-step process, we came up with a simple, elegant solution to stop the spam-filter unsubscribes.

MailChimp Experts
When new customers need help with their email designs, programming, or API implementation, we point them to the new MailChimp Experts resource. Are you listed?