Sep 12, 2013

MailChimp Editor for iPad


Update (6/27/17): This post contains information about features and workflows that are no longer available within the MailChimp application. To learn more about MailChimp for iOS, visit our Knowledge Base.

We’ve just launched MailChimp Editor, an app that makes it quick and easy to edit (or even build) campaigns on your iPad. You’re probably wondering why we’d build a native app, considering we just redesigned MailChimp to work on mobile browsers. Well, we mainly did this to solve a frustrating problem that we observed when teams use MailChimp.

Teams don’t always build email campaigns together, huddled around a computer and collaborating. More often, teams have people who work on content, people who work on design, and someone in charge of pulling the whole thing together and sending it (an editor, if you will). And they’re almost never in the same room at the same time. So they email each other.

And we all know what it’s like to receive those seemingly endless back-and-forth emails during the revision process (You know the ones: “Remove this comma,” “Needs an intro,” “Does anyone have a photo we can use?”). Editor helps facilitate asynchronous collaboration among teams, so it’s easier for them to build and send campaigns. Plus it has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

Easy drag and drop editing

Late last year, we unveiled a totally rebuilt drag-and-drop campaign builder. Behind the scenes, we gave it an API so that we could build mobile apps around it. With Editor, building campaigns on your iPad is smooth and fun:


You can use images from your camera roll, your MailChimp account’s image library, or your Dropbox.

Our focus here was to make it as quick and easy as possible. If someone on your team emails you an edit after finally proofreading a draft, but you’re already at home prepping dinner for the kids, no problem: just forget about the email and focus on family. But if it’s one of those emails that just can’t wait, you can open up the Editor app, make the change, and hit "Send."

Offline editing

Let’s say you started a campaign at the office, then had to run to the airport for a business trip. You can sync campaigns to your iPad while you’re on wifi, then work on the plane in "offline" mode. When you get back to a reliable wifi source, everything syncs back up to MailChimp automagically. Don’t worry, it also detects conflicts if someone else edited the same content, and allows you to resolve them.


After we launched multi-user access in MailChimp, we unveiled Comments to help teams collaborate on campaigns. Comments are also available in MailChimp Editor for iPad:


When you send a test email to someone, and they reply, their message appears in the comments pane, so you can mark them as "resolved" when you’re finished. Soon, you’ll notice our Comments feature in other MailChimp mobile apps.

Watch changes as they happen

When the campaign editor is open, and someone back at the office logs in to work on the same campaign, you’ll see their changes happen in real time (you won’t see each character getting typed, but you’ll see content blocks getting created and rearranged, photos appearing, etc.)


This is all part of a broader effort to make MailChimp more ubiquitous. As pointed out by Aarron in this post about the new MailChimp mobile experience:

Mobile devices aren’t a trend in our lives; they’re our new reality. We’re all quickly becoming multi-device users, starting tasks in one place and picking them up on another, reaching for the right device for the situation. There’s a new continuum in our workflows, and the software we’re designing for our new world needs to be aware of context. It needs to adapt to let you work on various devices.

Available now for iPad, Android coming soon

Editor is currently available for iPad (running iOS 6.1+), and the Android version is well underway and will be available soon. If you’d like to know when it’s released, or if you’re interested in hearing more from MailChimp’s mobile team, you can sign up for our newsletter to learn more.