Feb 3, 2010

Delivery Doctor takes the mystery out of spam filters

delivery-doctor-thmOur inbox inspector will tell you if your email will get blocked by spam filters.

But diagnosing the exact reason your email was blocked can be extremely difficult.

The only way to really figure out why your message was blocked is to systematically test each variable: change your subject line, and send another test email. Go check all your test accounts. Did it get blocked again? Well, change this link. Still blocked? Change another link. Wasn’t your links? Swap out the images. Not it? Change your content. Over and over, till you find the culprit. Then, do all that again for the next spam filter. Complete p.i.t.a.

So we automated all that with our new Delivery Doctor tool. Push one button, and we’ll automagically slice and dice and analyze your email and run dozens of tests until we find the root of your block.

Then, we tell you what to fix…

Delivery Doctor's Diagnosis of your problem

Delivery Doctor's Diagnosis of your problem

You’ll find the Delivery Doctor at the bottom of the Pre-Delivery Checklist screen (the last step before sending out your campaign).

Click the button, and we’ll start analyzing. Depending on how many tests we have to run, it could take a while. So we send you the results via email. Please don’t sit there and watch the spinning animation (if you really enjoy spinning animations, this one’s much more fun).

Keep in mind that if you have a problem with your email, and you run the Delivery Doctor, we actually send this to real accounts (setup with consumer ISPs and B2B filters). We test for common issues, like subject lines, links, email content, images, and more. This means that, depending on the nature of your problem, as many as 44 different tests might be run on your email.

Because it’s such an intense diagnosis, we can’t offer this to everybody. It’s totally free to use, but is only available to users on paid plans (not to our freemium users). Also keep in mind that this tool is still in beta. We’re already seeing hundreds of tests being run, just hours after launching it, and due to heavy loads we’ve had to remove a few of the tests we perform (slow down, people!). It’s beta. In due time, we’ll add more test criteria and really refine the product.