May 4, 2007

MailChimp Customer Showcase: Mad Rollin’ Dolls

We could showcase some of the large, well-known corporations who use MailChimp. But where’s the fun in that? We’d rather show off some of the cool, hip, offbeat, wacky customers who use MailChimp, and maybe send some traffic their way…

The Mad Rollin’ Dolls is "Madison Wisconsin’s one-and-only all-girls
        flat-track roller derby league." I’d certainly pay to watch teams like The Reservoir Dolls and Vaudeville Vixens duke it out in the ‘ring. You know, for charity. They donate a portion of their proceeds to charities like "Mustaches for Kids."

Check out some of the cool merchandise in their online store. Send that kick-ass girl friend of yours (or your tough-as-nails mom) a kick-ass roller-derby t-shirt.