Sep 14, 2007

MailChimp Customer Field Trip: Gourmet Station Headquarters

We could sit around in meetings and talk about new features for MailChimp. Maybe watch our competitors, and play "keep up with the Joneses." But we’d rather visit some real customers—get into their environment, and see how they work.

We just recently visited MailChimp customer to see how they run their business, and to see how they do their email marketing.

Donna Lynes-Miller, the president of Gourmet Station, gave us a tour of their facility, and showed us how they process orders. We walked through the entire process, from e-commerce cart transaction, to downloading the order details to their local server, to printing labels, to packing boxes, to sending thank-you emails. We also talked about how their business is growing, and the exciting plans they have for the near future (there’s email marketing involved! Yay!). It was amazing to see how it all gets done. She showed us the detailed marketing reports she generates, using MailChimp’s campaign stats.

If there was ever a person who followed her passion, it’s Donna. I’d bet all of our other small business customers on MailChimp are the same way.

We’d like to visit you too!
We got some great ideas for improving the ‘chimp by visiting Donna. And I mean the kind of features you’d actually use. So we want to visit more customers. If you’re based in Atlanta (or near enough for a road trip), and you don’t mind a bunch of nerds visiting and asking/answering lots of questions, we’d love to stop by. Let us know.

Oh yeah, MailChimp recently added 3 new team members, and we bought Gourmet Station dinners for all of them, to welcome them to the team.  Here’s a picture:


Left to right: Chad (programmer), Jennifer (customer service), Neil (marketing) and Donna (president of GourmetStation)