Mar 6, 2006

MailChimp Campaign Reports: More Stats, Less Jibba Jabba

We made a slight change to our campaign reports page. We took out  a bunch of the technical jibba jabba (which even confused us sometimes), and replaced them with "plain-english" descriptions.

Follow the link for screenshots…

It just felt like our old campaign reports had a bunch of stats and industry mumbo-jumbo, and our customers didn’t always understand what they all meant. And even if they read our knowledge base to understand what they meant, they didn’t always know what to do with those stats.

Here’s a screenshot of the old stats:


For instance, we took "unique opens" and renamed it, "Recipients who opened." And why were unique opens important in the first place? Because you could compare it to total opens, and determine how often people were re-opening your email. Hmm, let’s just add "average times people re-opened" to the stats. I know: duh.

Here’s the new design:


Here’s a screenshot of the entire page, so you can see the "Clicks by URL" portion:


Bounces and SMTP Replies

We were also getting occasional emails from people saying, "I see that some of my emails bounced. How can I find out why they bounced?" It was driving me nuts, because right next to the bounce number was a link to "Email headers…"

I’m an idiot. Who knows what the heck "email headers" do, or what they mean, or how to read them?

So we changed that link on the bounce report page from "Email Headers…" to "See why these bounced…"


And when you get to the list of emails that bounced, and you’re still not sure how to read your email headers, we provide a little pop-up knowledge base article: "Reading Bounce Back Headers (SMTP Replies)"

Like we said, the changes are slight, but we think using "plain-English" instead of industry terminology will make the overall experience better. We hope the changes not only explain what the stats mean, but will also help you infer what to do with them.

Speaking of "what the heck do I do with all these stats," we’re going to be publishing a new free guide shortly, called, "Cool, I’m getting clicks and opens! Um, now what?" Stay tuned to this blog. Or, sign up for our MonkeyWrench Newsletter here to find out the latest happenings at MailChimp (oh yeah, and all kinds of HTML email tips and tricks, plus a free, kooky prize every issue).