Feb 22, 2011

MailChimp at InboxLove

So I was talking with the folks at InboxLove about sponsoring their upcoming event. They tell me it’s all headed up by Dave McClure, who runs 500 Startups. The person on the phone tells me that Dave is a big believer in the inbox as a platform (which is why he’s holding this awesome event in the first place), and that he also likes startups that appreciate the importance of good design.

So I pull up @davemcclure on twitter, and this is what I see:

That is one heckuva twitter background.

(Okay, they explained it’s a slide pulled from one of his powerpoint presentations, and is sort of a tongue-in-cheek joke.)

The person says there may be some opportunity for me to attend the event and maybe sit on a panel or roundtable with other super smart people. I explain that I don’t travel much, because I’m a germophobe, I’m technically wanted by local law enforcement in several states, and that I don’t have much more to say about email except: "Only send it when you have something useful to say."

But somehow, I couldn’t get my mind off of Mr. McClure’s twitter background. It was hypnotizing. All those multi-colored arrows, swirling around and around and around.

So we worked out a deal.

MailChimp will sponsor at the Platinum level, but Dave McClure must allow us to fix that God forsaken background. So for the next few days at least, that awful powerpoint slide has been replaced with our lovable lucky monkey:

Money well spent, imho.

Fortunately, Amy Ellis, our head of partnerships and integrations here at MailChimp, is much wiser about how we spend our marketing money. She’ll actually be attending the event, on the panel: Social Tools for Email Fools: Messaging & Marketing in the Age of Social.

All joking aside, it looks like a great event, with a super impressive lineup of speakers. Many thanks to OtherInbox, AwayFind, and 500Startups for producing it all!