Apr 26, 2012

MailChimp 7.1 Rolling Out

We’re rolling MailChimp 7.1 out to all of our app servers right now. Soon you’ll notice a few subtle changes popping up in your account:

  • 36 Templates: A boat load of lovely new templates for musicians, holidays, and kid-centric businesses. You’ll find these in the "Design" section of the Campaign Builder and in Templates as well.
  • Persistent Messaging: A new messaging system that shows up at the top of any page when your lists are done importing, or there’s something to address with your account.
  • Unified Contact Info: Edit all of your administrator, billing, and list contact info in one place (Account > Contact Information)
  • Sending Meter: A simple little meter in the Account menu showing how close you are to your monthly sending limit.
  • Link Dialogue: An updated interface making it easier to add links to websites, files, or anchor points in your email campaigns.