Oct 24, 2008

MailChimp ♥ Octane ♨

I recently spoke with Tony Riffel, owner and founder of Atlanta’s Octane Coffee Bar & Lounge and MailChimp fanatic.  Located in Atlanta’s west midtown near the Georgia Tech campus, Octane serves arguably the best espresso, coffee and tea around.  They also have great food, beer and wine, rounding out the "lounge" detail of the coffee bar & lounge tag line.  Tony and his wife were living in Portland when they came up with the idea to open a place like Octane.

"We were interested in coffee, so we decided to learn more and try to build the type of coffee place that we weren’t able to find in Atlanta."

Octane has a reputation for employing some of the most knowledgeable baristas around, and Tony feels fortunate to have attracted so many great people who are willing to learn and teach others.  In February of 2008, Octane barista Ben Helfen won the Millrock Latte Art Competition in Washington DC, scoring $5000 for his perfect pour.  Then in May 2008, Octane baristas Ben and Danielle competed at the United States Barista Championship in Minnesota.

To read more about Octane and how they use MailChimp, check out the interview here.