May 26, 2009

MailChimp ♥ Brickworkz

brickworkz1Recently I spoke with MailChimp user and Richmond artist Brian Korte of Brickworkz LLC. Brian started Brickworkz as a way to create custom art and conversation pieces, using LEGO bricks as his medium of choice. The idea came to him in 2004 when two close friends were about to marry. Wanting to do something completely different, Brian looked through his LEGO stash and began designing a portrait of the couple using 10,400 LEGO bricks.

From there, Brian began building for a local gallery and designing custom portraits for families and businesses. In 2006, Brickworkz LLC was formed. Brian spent the next two years taking the show on the road to various LEGO-related events, capturing his completed works online. By 2007, online visitors from countries like Israel, Hong Kong, Ireland, Canada and England were requesting Brickworkz art.

In late 2007, Brian received a call from a collector in Ohio who commissioned him to design the World’s Largest LEGO Image, breaking the Guinness World Record.  After months of planning and building, they achieved their goal: a full-scale 18-wheel tractor trailer spanning more than 44 feet and made with over 1.2 million LEGO bricks.

Today, Brian uses Brickworkz not just as a creative outlet, but as a way to reach the community and share his story (and artwork) with children in schools, teaching children about the importance of creativity. LEGO mosaics by Brickworkz can be seen in the offices of Fortune 500 companies as well as private residences in the U.S. and abroad.

Why MailChimp?

"My list started growing beyond what was appropriate (or possible) to BCC, and I wanted an easy way for visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe. I was wasting a lot of time managing my email list, and wanted something easy, yet full of options. MailChimp had everything right from the start, so it was easy for me to build what I wanted and get what I wanted quickly."

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