Jun 1, 2007

Lyris Deliverability Report

Lyris just published their latest Deliverability Report (PDF). It’s got some great findings, like:

  • They measured average inbox deliverability rate across top US Domains at around 74.57%. So about 25% of your emails are getting gobbled up by spam filters, email firewalls, and server gateways. 

At MailChimp, we’ll occasionally get a call from a new customer who sends his very first campaign ever to his customer list, then calls us up, shocked, that "one of the customers on my list never got my email!" Our usual answer is, "Just one?" There are things you can do to minimize accidental spam filter blocks (See: How Spam Filters Think) but email marketers are unfortunately just going to have to get used to imperfect delivery. It’s inevitable, like the airline losing your luggage. But ISPs handle billions of emails a day—emails are gonna get lost.

  • One of the most common reasons emails were getting blocked in their study? Too many images, not enough text.

"Too many images" is a problem we’ve discussed (ad nauseam) here and here. You really need a healthy balance of images and text in your campaigns. You shouldn’t just cram a bunch of heavy graphics into an email and "blast it out" to your list.