Mar 31, 2011

LongReply And Our (Mini) Network Operations Center

LongReply is a tool that allows you to respond via Twitter when you need more than 140 characters. We launched the project in early February and have continued adding small but useful features over the past couple months.

You may not know this if you haven’t tried out LongReply yet, but it has a handy built-in search function that allows you to track keywords, usernames or hashtags. This is especially useful because it allows you to filter tweets by sentiment– positive, negative or neutral– and you can even elect to receive notifications of new tweets via email.

Now we’ve made this feature even more useful by adding a little check-box that will update your search terms automatically when checked.


So you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with our (mini) Network Operations Center (NOC for short).

That's Joe on his knees, monitoring the connections, surrounded by The Nerds.

Yesterday when we started rolling out our latest batch of new features, The Nerds were keeping an eye on server load and other network operations. But at the same time, they’re also able to monitor Twitter (using LongReply’s search functionality). It’s especially useful to have the two data sources side-by-side because sometimes our users on Twitter are actually able to pinpoint issues faster than server monitoring tools, almost like the "canary in the coal mine."

Having this level of social + technical awareness enables our devs to quickly attack any issues in real time, as they arise, and that keeps everyone happily humming along. Not to mention this mega dashboard looks totally awesome, like the future.