Dec 7, 2007

List-Unsubscribe Header Added to MailChimp

A while back, we launched something that I forgot to tell you about. Oops. I just noticed it while checking my own email campaign in Hotmail. Better late than never…

All of your email campaigns sent from MailChimp are now automatically embedded with the List-Unsubscribe email header (this is different than the unsubscribe tag we place in your email footer).

The idea behind the list-unsubscribe header is to provide a trustworthy unsubscribe mechanism. Basically, some people just don’t trust the unsubscribe link you put at the bottom of your email newsletter. Or, they’re too lazy to scroll down and properly unsubscribe, when that big, convenient "Report Spam" button is right there at the top of the email.

Anyway, here’s what an email looks when viewed in Windows Live Hotmail, and with the list-unsubscribe header in place (note the unsubscribe option provided by Hotmail):

List Unsubscribe Header On

and here’s what an email without the list-unsubscribe header looks like:

List Unsubscribe Header Off

Who knows, it might prevent a false spam complaint or two, or it might make your emails look slightly more reputable. Learn more about the List-Unsubscribe header, and who’s using it