Jul 11, 2011

Chimpsterous Publishes a Subscribe Form to Your Posterous Site

Chimpsterous adds a new "Newsletter" page.

Last week, Federico announced a nice integration for posting a newsletter button to your Tumblr blog. If you have a Posterous site, I’d like to introduce you to Chimpsterous. Chimpsterous mimics MailChimp’s Embedded Signup Form feature and makes it easy for you to add a subscribe form to your Posterous site.

Get Started with Chimpsterous

Posting a MailChimp subscribe form to Posterous will take about 5 minutes. You’ll need:

  • Your MailChimp API Key
  • Your Posterous Username/Password

After entering your MailChimp API Key, select the list you would like to use. Then enter your Posterous credentials to post the form to your site. Chimpsterous takes care of the rest.

What’s Happening Here

Chimpsterous will create the code for an embedded signup form, create a new page on your Posterous site called “Newsletter” and then publish the new page containing the signup form. The form is generated without CSS styles, so it can pull whatever default styles your theme has already set for forms and form fields. Since the code is embedded in a Posterous page, just log in to your Posterous account to change the title of the page, edit the page heading, description and even the form fields or labels.

I was able to switch to Fluid by MetaLab and my form still looks pretty good.

A Few Notes

Chimpsterous will create the new subscribe form page on your primary Posterous site. You can learn more about primary sites in this Posterous F.A.Q.

Try out Chimpsterous and pick up a few new subscribers for your newsletter.