Oct 10, 2007

List Segmentation in MailChimp

MailChimp will be down this weekend for some major upgrades. The planned outage will start Saturday morning (10/13) at midnight ET and we’ll be live again on Monday morning (10/15), 9am ET. During the upgrade, none of your scheduled campaigns, tracking, unsubs, etc. will be affected. Everything will run as normal, but you won’t be able to log in.

MailChimp Is Even More Useful-er

We will be adding lots of cool new features that you’ve been asking for:

  • List Segmentation
  • Interest groups
  • Easier form customization

Plus some interface enhancements and minor bug fixes.

List Segmentation in MailChimp
If you’ve never heard of list segmentation, it’s a hoity-toity marketing term for "sending a campaign to a targeted sub-group of my entire list, so that it’s more relevant to them, and so that we can get more bang for the buck".

We’ve just made list segmentation super easy in MailChimp (no hoity-toity marketing experts required!). Now, you can send special offers to people based on a number of criteria that you specify, such as:

  • The date they signed up to your list
  • What company they’re from
  • Their postal address (State, ZIP code, etc)
  • Send only to people who are members of specific interest groups
  • Send to people with first name "Bob"
  • (Click that thumbnail to the right for a screenshot of the interface)

Best of all, list segmentation is totally free to all MailChimp users.

PLUS: If your MailChimp account has our optional AIM tracking add-on, you can send a targeted campaign to people based on whether or not they responded to a previous campaign:

  • Send a campaign with a different subject line to those who did not open a previous campaign.
  • Send a followup campaign to people who clicked to download your whitepaper in a previous campaign

Read more information & see an example here:

Email List Segmentation in MailChimp

Interest Groups

We’ve also added interest groups to MailChimp. That means on your signup forms, you can now offer checkboxes so that your subscribers can indicate what their interests are.

For example, you can ask your subscribers if they want to receive your monthly newsletters, special promotions, weekly sales alerts, etc. That way, you never send weekly sales alerts to people who just wanted quarterly news.

  • Interest groups are free.
  • You can still setup infinitely many separate lists as you want, and each list can have its own set of interest groups.
  • You can setup virtually unlimited interest groups on each of your signup forms.

Easy Signup Customization
We’ve made it easier than ever to customize the look and feel of the entire double opt-in process in MailChimp (signup form, confirmation email, thank you screens, etc).

Instead of making you code the HTML for each step of the process (and clicking that dreaded "Revert" button every time you make a change to the database), your entire opt-in process can now be customized in our brand new design tool, with no HTML coding required.

Just set the basic template once: body background colors, fonts, styles, etc., and we’ll make those changes across the board. You can even upload your company logo, and it’ll be added to every single welcome screen, confirmation & thank you email, and landing page in one fell swoop. It’s hard to describe in words, so click here to watch a demo video.

About 20% of our users will have this upgrade automatically applied to their accounts. No action required on your part. The remainder of you have already made some kind of design customization to your opt-in process, and we don’t want to screw up your work—so you’ll have to manually click the "upgrade" link under your "List Customization" settings in order to be able to use the new tools.

  • We bumped up the limit from 10 total fields on your signup form to 16 (email address plus 15 more)
  • We’ve included 12 pre-built color schemes you can use (red planet, grape-a-licious, midnight oil, blue sky, etc). Pick one that closely matches your brand, then customize it to perfection.

Upgrading to the new customization design tool is free.

Miscellaneous Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Added a <HR> button to the content editor toolbar. This adds a horizontal line into your campaign, so you can easily separate blocks of content.
  • No more jumpy templates. In some browsers, when you went to click on a template in your template library, it would jump to the side a little. Nope, we weren’t playing "catch the monkey" tricks on you—that was just a funny little coding bug. It’s fixed now.
  • When previewing merge tags in the popup preview on a certain step in the built-in postcard template, they all showed up blank. Bet you never noticed that. It’s fixed, though.
  • You can now customize the "Forward to Friend" landing page (we wrapped it into the new opt-in process designer).

As always, we hope you find the new features useful!