Oct 1, 2008

A Life Size MailChimp

We’ve already talked at length about the new MailChimp logo that Jon Hicks recently designed for us. I won’t bore you with more details on that, but you should definitely read Ben’s excellent blog post about it if you haven’t already.

One of the most exciting things about our new chimp is the fact that he now has a body– unlike before when he was just a floating head. We thought that this definitely called for a celebratory gesture, and what could be better than a life-size cardboard cutout?

We like to think of ourselves as trend-setters, meaning you’re probably asking yourself where you can procure one of these for your business. We ordered our chimp from Party Standups, a company based out of Bradenton, Florida (near Sarasota). All of their cutouts are made from weatherproof corrugated plastic and can range in size from 1 ft. 4 in. up to as large as 8 ft. The image itself is printed on white 4mil vinyl using 6-color process inks, and then laminated to the corrugated plastic before it’s cut to shape. The ordering process is super simple– just upload your artwork (most standard image formats are accepted, although the company recommends a resolution of at least 100 dpi), choose your desired options (like size), add to your cart and voila! In 5 to 10 business days you should have your very own life size friend.

In typical MailChimp fashion, the folks around here have been thinking of all sorts of creative things to do with our new pal. (No, not those kinds of things.) If you’re in the Atlanta area, he is rumored to be making a guest appearance on Friday, October 3, at the 2008 Webmaster Jam Session. (Bananas may or may not be involved.) The Webmaster Jam Session is a two day event that brings together web designers, developers, marketers and visionaries to learn about the latest ideas and trends in web design, development, search engine optimization and social media. On Friday, MailChimp Co Founder and Email Marketing expert Ben Chestnut will be talking about designing for email. In his own words, "email might suck but it should still look good". You can also catch Aarron Walter, MailChimp’s user experience designer, in these sessions on topics ranging from web standards to what’s important when building a website.