Mar 3, 2009

Learn MailChimp step-by-step in iTunes

The MailChimp Academy is now available as a free video podcast on iTunes, under their software/how-to directory.

Just search for "MailChimp Academy" in the iTunes store, then hit subscribe (or, this link should go to it directly in iTunes).

You’ll get new MailChimp tutorials as we add them, and you can sync them with your iPod or iPhone, and learn MailChimp on the go!


Behind the scenes

We’re adding more and more videos to the MailChimp Academy every week. Here’s how it all works, if you’re curious.

Josh is our new full time "video guy" aka "Minister of Education." Here’s a picture of him at work. Those are his real arms by the way. Try not to talk about them or stare at them, because he gets kind of sensitive.


Josh even disassembled a bunch of leftover cubicles in our office to create his own makeshift soundbooth:


Anyway, Josh is working closely with MailChimp co-founder Dan Kurzius to get as many tutorial videos as possible uploaded. Dan oversees the customer service team, who tells him where people are asking the most questions and need help. We also comb through our live chat transcripts (over at to find common questions. Dan also hosts our webinars, and knows where people seem to ask the most questions.

Then he takes all that info to Josh, and they discuss making "pretty moving pictures."


Josh takes Dan’s suggestions, writes a script, and records a bunch of video with Screenflow, then the audio. Then he mixes it all up on his Mac with After Effects, and posts them on

Most how-to videos are dead-boring. So we’re trying to make ours a little fun (we’ve got a reputation, afterall). So if you’re watching one of our videos, and you hear some funny voiceovers, sound effects, or if you see some random unicorns flying around the screen, now you know that’s Josh.

Anyway, we started the MailChimp Academy series by posting general overview videos of each major MailChimp concept: list management, creating campaigns, and reports.

Now, we’re going to be inserting more detailed videos in between.

And don’t forget, many of our how-to videos are peppered all over the MailChimp application. Just look for the little "Show me" video icons:


Stay tuned (pun intented) because we’ve got more coming.

And if you have any suggestions for MailChimp training videos you’d like to see, comment below.