Sep 22, 2010

Klout scores added to member profiles

kloutchimpWe’ve partnered with Klout to add their influence ranking to all member profiles and have included it as a part of Social Pro (which is now FREE).

Klout is a service that measures your overall online influence based on a number of factors linked to your Twitter account. Scores range from 1-100, and the higher the score the wider and stronger your sphere of influence. In determining your score, Klout takes roughly 25 different metrics into account including true reach and amplification probability, and is even able to distinguish what type of Twitter user you are. (MailChimp is a Curator.)

This makes a nice addition to MailChimp’s own 1-5 star influence rating. One difference is that MailChimp includes your subscribers’ opens and clicks in our algorithm (although they’re not weighted as heavily as in our member rating), in addition to looking at Twitter and Facebook follower and friend counts. Klout score is also a nice inclusion because it’s something you’ll find across the web, integrated with applications like Hootsuite and Attensity360.

Klout score shows up in two places in MailChimp– on the faces dashboard when you click on a picture, and also in a subscriber’s member profile.


And we’ve made Klout score actionable data, which means you can use it to segment your list. For example:


So if you’ll be traveling to Atlanta next month, and you want to meet up with your influencers for lunch or an informal soiree after work, send ’em an email and go for it!