Nov 5, 2010

Keeping Your List Active

Recently, we came across these 4 great tips on how to deal with inactive members of your email list.

One of the tips is to reach out to your inactive subscribers through social media and encourage engagement that way. This is super easy to do with Social Profiles installed.

First, segment your list by activity level:

You can export this segment to create a new list of these less-active subscribers:


(A more detailed tutorial on exporting a segment can be found over here.)

You can then create a new list of these less-active subscribers, and turn on Social Profiles for that list.


Now you’ve got an idea of who these folks are and perhaps some insight into why they may be less active. Before reaching out, it’s also a good idea to check on when this group was added – we found that lots of our "one-star" subscribers hadn’t actually received a campaign from us yet! That would explain their low open and click rates, right? Whoops.


Once you’ve ruled out brand new subscribers, you can use the Social Profiles data to check out which social networks might be best for reaching out to your less active list members.  You might consider creating some exclusive content for subscribers on specific networks, and sending a campaign just for them:

By building a relationship through social networks, your subscribers might be more likely to open or click your next campaign.