Feb 12, 2008

iPhones & Email Marketing – MarketingSherpa Report

iphone-html-email.jpgOur in-house Mac-freak and iPhone lover Mark Armstrong was interviewed in this very informative article over at MarketingSherpa:

Special Report: iPhones & Email Marketing – 10 Pros & Cons

The article starts with

"It’s clear that the iPhone is more than a fad. In a little more than six months, 3.7 million Americans and around 400,000 Europeans have purchased an iPhone."

and then covers the following:

– How the iPhone renders email
– Is file size an issue
– How to really get an iPhone user’s attention

More iPhone goodness:

Here’s a movie we created on how HTML Email looks on an iPhone.

Here’s a very long, very cool movie of Edward Tufte discussing the interface design of the iPhone