May 16, 2013

Introducing MailChimp’s Email Template Reference

When first I started working at MailChimp four years ago, I had never even coded an HTML email. Sure, I’d been involved in web design since the late ’90s, but emails are a different beast altogether. The learning curve was steep, in large part because documentation on the "art" of HTML email was scattered at best. There wasn’t a one-stop spot to get people up to speed.

When it comes to email development, the prevailing attitudes are confusion and frustration. We want to help change that. That’s what drove us to start this project, and now we have an HTML email reference to share with you.

MailChimp’s Email Template Reference is a repository of the things I’ve learned and information I’ve picked up over my years at MailChimp. If you’re a newbie where HTML email is concerned, you’ll find thoughts on design, development methods, and code samples—everything you need to get started designing and building great emails. If you’re an old hand at this stuff, you’ll benefit from the different techniques on display and some new responsive email blueprints.

This reference isn’t something that’s "done" and unchanging, though. We’ll be adding more resources, code, and ideas to it. It’ll be an organic, expansive guide that we’re hoping will kill some of the mystery that still lingers around HTML email. Consider this V1. We welcome any feedback or suggestions at templatereference [at] mailchimp [dot] com. Community is important to all of us at MailChimp, and your input can only make this reference better.