Jul 19, 2011

Introducing Mail Designer 1.1 with MailChimp Templates

The Equinux team has been hard at work building the latest version of Mail Designer. The thing is, now it works with MailChimp! Mail Designer is a Mac app that lets you author great-looking emails without worrying about HTML, tables (eek!), and other geek-related topics.

A sample email being created in Mail Designer.

Starting with Mail Designer 1.1, you can now export the emails that you author to a MailChimp template with just a couple of clicks!

Sending a Mail Designer creation to MailChimp just takes a couple of clicks!

We are really excited that Mail Designer now works with MailChimp. It looks to be a great option for our customers that don’t enjoy coding HTML or would like an alternative to the MailChimp campaign editor.

Some of the designs that come with Mail Designer

The best part of this integration is that the text from the campaigns you export from Mail Designer are fully editable in the MailChimp campaign editor. Just in case you need to make last-minute changes.

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