Apr 12, 2012

Introducing ListMD: Your list’s vital signs at a glance

Update (10/26/15): ListMD is no longer available. But if you’re a high-volume sender looking to optimize your email, we recently launched MailChimp Pro.

MailChimp offers great built-in campaign reports, but high-volume senders who are especially concerned with their list size might be looking for more detailed analytics on their lists, as opposed to individual campaigns. This stuff’s important—especially if you’re sending campaigns daily, and your business revolves around email. A closer look at your list’s health can help you understand your subscribers’ behavior and make sense of MailChimp’s campaign reports. What percentage of your list is opening your emails? What about the click rate for your "power users" list? Is the open rate better when you send on Sundays or Mondays? MailChimp Labs created a new app called ListMD to answer these questions and more.


List MD is a powerful app with a singular purpose: to give you a detailed view of your list’s vital signs. It can show you things like:

  • Average net list growth per day for the week you had a crazy promotion going on (Did the promotion actually increase my newsletter signups?)
  • The average number of clicks per day that the list is generating (Is all this time I’m investing into email marketing driving traffic?)
  • Your unsubscribe rate, along with a detailed breakdown of unsubscribes per campaign and per day (Which campaign caused my unsubscribe rate to spike?)
  • Your average open rate on one day of the week vs. another (Should I send on Mondays or Tuesdays?)
ListMD also allows you to filter its metrics by dates, which works a lot like the data filtering in Google Analytics. This makes it easy to compare your list’s performance over weeks or months. You can use the handy day filter to focus on the weekend if you’re curious, or maybe just Tuesdays when you send that Super Tuesday Deals campaign. Another neat feature is the ability to create custom series from your lists’ interest groups. If you’re following MailChimp’s best practices, you’ve most likely set up interest groups to separate your list members and send relevant content. ListMD will track the growth of your groups per day, so you can get an idea of how the groups grow in relation to each other.

As an added bonus, you can export the data ListMD has gathered in CSV format (that’s for all you statistical wizards who can crunch your own numbers and make your own fancy graphs). A slight caveat is that ListMD can’t get historical data from the MailChimp API—it starts collecting data the day you turn it on, and it might take up to a week to return meaningful information. And of course the more time that passes, the more data ListMD will have to show you. ListMD is a great complement to MailChimp’s in-app reporting, so we encourage frequent senders to check it out. The app’s free to use—all we need are your MailChimp credentials to log in. We’d love to hear your feedback, thoughts, and ideas. Let us know what you think of ListMD in the comments.