Jun 1, 2009

Introducing a New Expression Engine/MailChimp Integration

eeWe are big fans of the popular content management system Expression Engine, which makes building and maintaining websites a breeze. We like it so much we actually use it to manage this website. Expression Engine has an open architecture that facilities development of custom plugins and extensions, so you can easily add new tools, features, or tie into your favorite APIs elsewhere.

You can now count MailChimp amongst the long list of integrations you can add on to your Expression Engine install. Say hello to SL MailChimp Subscribe created by Stephen Lewis at Experience Internet (a brilliant developer who is a pleasure to work with). SL MailChimp Subscribe will connect your Expression Engine new user signup process to a MailChimp list and do a few more cool things too:

  • Automatically add a member to one or more mandatory mailing lists.
  • Specify “opt-in triggers” to allow a member to control which lists he is added to.
  • Associate custom ExpressionEngine member profile fields with MailChimp Interest Groups and Merge Variables, on a list-by-list basis.

SL MailChimp Subscribe is a sweet little tool that greatly simplifies managing your lists from Expression Engine, and it is the right price too – Free! If you’re super nerdy and want to tool around with the source code, you can check out the code repository on GitHub.

Download it and give it a try. We hope you find it useful, and look forward to your feedback.