May 7, 2007

Internet Retailer Survey: Email Marketing Benchmarks

Our friend Donna sends us this link to the InternetRetailer Survey. If you’re an online retail business that does any email marketing, there are some interesting stats in the survey:

  • Only 59.3% of respondents have acceptable e-mail delivery rates.
  • Only 24.2% of web merchants have an e-mail open rate greater than 25%
  • Only 17.1% reported e-mail click-through rates of 15.1% or more while 51.8% report click-through rates of 2.51% to 15%
  • 60% conduct between one and three campaigns each month

Here are some of our own tips:

  • First, we’ve got some email marketing benchmarks that you can reference as well.
  • If you want to know what your successful email delivery rate is, the only way to tell is to sign up for as many ISPs as you possibly can, and send yourself tests. Or, sign up for something like
  • Don’t know your actual conversion rates? You can use 3rd party conversion trackers in your email campaigns (and websites).  Check out