Apr 26, 2011

International Address Form Fields

Once upon a time, our customer-base was primarily centered here in the United States and some of our design patterns reflect that. For example, our address forms use the term "zip code" and require a state. But these days, we’re noticing that our users are all over the world. In fact, it turns out that London now holds the title for the highest concentration of MailChimp users. That’s why we’re working on tweaking a few things in the app to be more international friendly, and we’re starting with our address forms.

Despite being a universal form structure that you’ll find on so many major websites, address forms are particularly tricky as they have to change along with the local address structure. Though US residents need a state field, New Zealanders don’t. UK residents don’t necessarily have a state/province to report either. The entire shape of an address form hinges upon the country selection menu. That’s why we’ve reorganized address fields in the app as follows:

  1. city
  2. postal code
  3. country
  4. state/province
Internationalized address form in MailChimp

We’ve built in some fancy logic too. We automatically make the state/province/region field not required for countries that don’t have them, and make that field optional for UK folks who sometimes don’t have a region in their address. People in the US will notice that we’ll automatically fill in your state based on the zip code you enter. Hey, it’s just one less field to fill out.

You’ll notice these form changes in the contact and billing sections in Account, in the List creation form, and the getting started forms. We’re bringing some of this functionality to our subscribe forms as well. The state/region fields in subscribe forms will become optional when a user selects a country that doesn’t require it.

We’ll be the first to admit, there’s more that we can do to make MailChimp more internationally friendly. We’re workin’ on it. But in the mean time, if you have constructive feedback to share, we’re all ears.