Jul 27, 2012

InstaChimp Connects MailChimp and Instagram

Our friends at Social-Glu (also the creators of Craft Monkey) recently released InstaChimp, a new integration that connects your Instagram account to your MailChimp account. InstaChimp makes it easy to drag and drop Instagram photos into an email template to send to your subscribers. I love this idea for bloggers, musicians, crafters, and others who document events and projects, and want to share those pictures with their fans who aren’t necessarily on Instagram.

Here’s an example of how I used the integration: I recently went to Seattle to participate in Urban Craft Uprising, a neat craft show that MailChimp sponsored. We partnered with Seattle-based Cupcake Royale to have 700 mini cupcakes made, complete with little MailChimp cupcake flags from Emily Ayer’s Etsy shop, Peach and Pearl. We gave them away at the show (and all 700 were gone in under 2 hours!).

I used InstaChimp to send a recap of our sponsorship of UCU and share a few photos without having to mess with getting pictures off my phone, onto my computer, and formatted in my email template.

To get started, I just logged in with my MailChimp credentials.

Then I connected my Instagram account and selected a template based on how many images I wanted to include (extra points for the mobile-friendly templates).

InstaChimp pulled in my Instagram photos, so I could drag and drop my chosen images into the template. InstaChimp automatically brings in photo captions and formats the image to the appropriate size.

Finally, I used the basic text editor to write a short paragraph about the event.

Then I just saved and continued setting the preferences for the campaign (subject, from address, etc.). I was even able to send my campaign to my subscribers straight from InstaChimp.

Voila—a mobile-friendly recap of my trip to Seattle.

Like CraftMonkey, InstaChimp is free to use. All you need is your computer, your phone, and your contacts. You’re already out there making crafts, playing shows, and documenting the world from your point of view. InstaChimp helps you share that content with your subscribers.