Aug 2, 2006

India tries to chase monkeys from trains

New Delhi has a monkey problem. They’ve got too many monkeys on their subway trains. I know what you’re thinking. "Wha?!? You can never have too many monkeys!" But the New Delhi subway system thinks they’ve got too many,  so they’ve employed a Langur monkey to scare them all away ("We shall fight monkeys with monkeys!").

Apparently, the average monkey is extremely scared of Langur monkeys. Why, we have no idea. Their nickname is the "leaf monkey." They’re not even carnivorous. That’s like humans being scared of "tree huggers" or "vegetarians."

Take a look at the Langur (from Animal Planet). They’re not scary at all! However, according to Animal Planet, they "appear to have pointed hairdos and beer-bellies." Maybe the other monkeys aren’t running away in fear. Maybe they’re just moving to a better neighborhood?