Feb 18, 2015

In-App Knowledge Base, Video Content Blocks, and Subject Line Emojis

Last month, we redesigned the MailChimp app navigation and hinted that those changes would set the stage for bigger and better things to come. Now, those things are here. With our latest release, we’re introducing in-app access to our Knowledge Base, video content blocks, subject line emoji support, and more.

In-app Knowledge Base

At MailChimp, we’re focused on creating products, features, and resources that empower our customers. Our Knowledge Base is a big part of that. We created the KB’s many articles and tutorials to help you get the most out of your email marketing, no matter your experience level or technical prowess. Now, the KB is accessible right inside the app, so it’s easier—and quicker—than ever to find the answers you need right when you need them.

No matter where you are inside the app, just click Help in the upper righthand corner of the main navigation toolbar to access the KB. A search bar appears, along with a few suggested articles tailored to the section of the app you’re currently working in. Once you’ve found your answers, you can dismiss the window and get right back to work.

Video content block

Almost 6 years ago, we introduced video merge tags to help you share videos inside campaigns. (Before, embedding video files directly into email was fraught with peril.) While we can’t control how email clients handle videos, we’ve improved how you can add email-friendly video screenshots to your campaigns.

We’ve done this by adding a video content block to the Email Designer. Now, in addition to video merge tags, you also have the option to simply drag and drop a video content block into your campaign, just as you would with text or images.

Once you drop the block into your campaign, you’ll enter the video’s URL and write a caption to accompany the link. If the video is hosted by YouTube or Vimeo, a thumbnail of the video will be generated and pulled into the content block automatically. If it’s hosted by another site, you’ll need to upload your own customized thumbnail image. To edit the font, colors, caption positioning, or image alignment, click over into the content block’s Style and Settings tabs.

Subject line emoji support

Time to bust out the kissy faces: MailChimp now supports subject line emojis. Our emoji images have been culled from Twitter’s extensive open source emoji library, so if you’re compelled to add a little extra flair to your campaign’s subject line (whether you choose a hamburger, a ghost, or a monkey), we’ve got you covered. While emojis are certainly fun, they’re also a helpful way to pack more information and emotion into messages with as little tapping as possible—especially as display sizes keep shrinking. For now, client-side support of emojis is still somewhat limited, so be sure to test thoroughly if you plan to use emojis in the subject line of your campaign.


Odds and ends

We’ve also made a few updates to our billing process, slightly tweaked the language of some any/all segmentation options, and updated a handful of other things behind the scenes.

These features will be available for all MailChimp users by the end of the week. As always, we’ll be listening closely to your feedback. Thumbs up.