Apr 14, 2009

Image Gallery and iStockphoto integration

In MailChimp v4.1.1 (which is probably launching the first weekend of May), we’ll be adding an image gallery where you can store your pictures and assets. This is very handy if you re-use the same files a lot in your email campaigns.

We also took things a step further by integrating with iStockphoto, giving you access to over 4.6 million high-quality stock photos for as low as $1 each. We’re still in testing, but here’s a sneak-peek at our "premium image search" screen:


Helping your emails look awesomer.

We use iStockphoto all the time for our own email newsletters (and this blog), because they have strict quality standards, huuuge variety, and their search tool is awesome.

For example, you can even refine searches by color, to match your brand:


How payment works

You’ll basically be able to purchase "image credits" in MailChimp. Kinda like email credits. Buy $5 in image credits, and you can get 5 images from iStockphoto for $1 each. Alternatively, you can buy a larger, higher-resolution image for $3, but I’m not sure you’ll be needing that for email. It’s there just in case, though. You can store it in your image gallery and pull it out for some other project.

We’re super excited about this new integration. We’ll post more about it (along with a few other improvements) as we get closer to launch.