Jul 9, 2006

“Image-Based” Spam On The Rise

There’s an article over at ComputerWorld about how spammers are switching to "image-based" spam these days. You know those stupid junk messages you get with a grainy picture of some fake Rolex watch or something?

It’s their little way of "tricking" spam filters, since they can’t "read" the content inside of images.

That means it’s just a matter of time before all the spam filters adapt, and start getting really strict about image-only HTML emails. We’ve already talked about how some spam filters will block messages that contain too many images, and not enough text.

So if you’re designing "postcard" HTML emails that are nothing but ginormous, pretty pictures, you might want to start thinking about adding some text to those emails to "balance" things out some for the spam filters.

Very large retailers, who primarily send graphically-rich HTML emails, might want to look into Goodmail or SenderScore to help keep your emails from being accidentally spam-filtered.

Article found at: B2B Email Marketing